Creation Date:  2013-05-15
Effective Date:  2013-05-15
Version:  1.7
Last Reviewed:  2014-05-09
Security Classification:  Protected A
Scheduled Review Date: 2019-08-01
Status:  Approved


​Information Technology Service Continuity Management process to be used by Government of Alberta IT business areas. The process is broken down into sub-processes presented as flowcharts, with accompanying descriptors of the activities that make-up those sub-processes and including appropriate process controls. Towards the end of the document is a list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that Government of Alberta ministries will use to demonstrate process effectiveness and efficiency, and identify areas in need of improvement.

Please note that information classified as Protected (per the Data and Information Security Classification standard) is only accessible to Government of Alberta Employees. External users are therefore not able to download this document. To request access, please contact us:

Keywords: dr, disaster, disaster recovery, continuity, business