Number:  CISO033
Creation Date:  2017-04-03
Category:  IMT Planning
Effective Date:  2017-04-03
Version:  2.3
Last Reviewed:  2017-04-03
Security Classification:  Protected A
Scheduled Review Date: 2019-06-01
Status:  Approved


​The GoA CTIRM Service Plan sets priorities and recommendations for how the CISO can efficiently and effectively manage risks, cyber threats, and critical vulnerabilities within the GoA. It also outlines the initiatives and deliverables to achieve the desired intelligence service commitments, and identifies the components necessary to iteratively improve the cyber security posture of the GoA.

Please note that information classified as Protected (per the Data and Information Security Classification standard) is only accessible to Government of Alberta Employees. External users are therefore not able to download this document. To request access, please contact us:

Keywords: CISO, Security, Threat Intel, Threat Intelligence, Security Risk, cyber, risk management, vulnerability