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Browse operations documents by category:

  • Operational Reporting

  • Process, Procedures and Work Instructions relating to Operational Reports provided by Service Operations

  • Change

  • Change Management is a formal procedure within the Government of Alberta environment. The documents below entail how the change management procedure is performed. They outline the roles and responsibilities of individuals and provide information on how to create and move a change through the process to completion.

  • Incident

  • Within Enterprise Services, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the Incident Management Function is composed of the Corporate Incident Management team, an Incident Manager from each service provider, and the Queue Managers identified by the Service Providers, along with the Service Desk. This section will provide an overview or roles and responsibilities of parties involved, mechanism of engaging Incident management Process. It covers Incident Lifecycle process, and detailed description of steps along the process.

  • Problem

  • Problem Section addresses how Operations approach the Problem Management process. Problem Management Process Guide is a detailed description of the process, including definitions, scope and best practices. Incident handoff to Problem Management describes the transition from the Incident Management to Problem Management step of a process. Problem Management overview provides process map, workflow and 5 stages of investigation

  • Service Request

  • Service Request Management is a subset of the Change Management process within the Government of Alberta (GoA).

    Service Requests follow the Change Management workflow as Standard Changes, with a specific procedures and information and approval requirements for each Service Request type.

    Service Request Coordinators (SRC) act as Change Requesters on behalf of end-users, ensuring that necessary information has been gathered from users and appropriate approval is gained from the business before the submission of Service Requests. For more information regarding Service Request process flow, refer to the Change Management Process Guide.

  • Knowledge Management

  • The Knowledge Management goal is to get the right person at the right time.

    The objective is to create, share and manage relevant Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) that will help meet the strategic requirements of the Government of Alberta (GoA).