Number:  C000021
Creation Date:  2017-08-09
Category:  Incident Management
Effective Date:  2017-12-20
Type:  Roles
Last Reviewed:  2018-07-04
Version:  2.0
Scheduled Review Date:  
Security Classification:  Public
Status:  Approved


This document defines the Incident Management Function within Service Alberta – Enterprise Services. It identifies all the key stakeholders, and outlines roles and responsibilities of each party throughout the function of Incident Management.

Function: A team or group of people and the tools they use to carry out one or more Processes or Activities. For example the Service Desk. (ITIL® V3 Glossary v3.1.24, 11 May 2007).

Within Enterprise Services, the Incident Management Function is composed of the Corporate Incident Management team, an Incident Manager from each service provider, and the Queue Managers identified by the Service Providers, along with the Service Desk. Each one of these key stake holders play a particular role in the process, which is outlined in this document.

Keywords: incident, incident management, roles and responsibilities