Creation Date:  2019-01-31
Effective Date:   
Last Reviewed:   
Version:  1
Scheduled Review Date: 2020-03-01
Security Classification:  Public
Status:  In Review


​This standard, known as the Open Government Metadata Application Profile (OGMAP), presents and describes all of the descriptive metadata elements that are to be included in the Government of Alberta's (GoA) Open Government Portal (the Portal). While OGMAP is specific to the Open Government Portal, it is expected that other GoA institutional repositories will be able to apply this profile with little or no modifications.The standard is an extension of the GoA’s Metadata - Core Content Standard. The Metadata - Core Content Standard serves as the foundation of the profile, which is extended by adding additional elements to enable enhanced description of the information resources in the Portal.

Keywords: Open data; open government; open information; standards; metadata