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About Us

About Us

This​ website is governed by the following divisions in the Government of Alberta: Cybersecurity Services, ​​Digital Design and Delivery (3D)​​, Data, Privacy and Innovation (DPI) and Technology Support and Operations (TSO)​. Our mandate is to provide a central repository for all Government of Alberta (GoA) information management and technology (IMT)-related policies. This website is the primary source of current and accurate information and documentation on IMT policy.

The IMT policy instruments security classification (see: Data and Information Security Classification Standard) determines if the document is available to external stakeholders outside of the Government of Alberta network. All IMT policy instruments, including protected IMT policy instruments, are available to Government of Alberta employees.

If you are visiting this site from outside of the Government of Alberta, please contact us for information about accessing a protected policy document.


The primary purpose of this website is as a resource for Government of Alberta employees. It is a tool to support their work and activities. This site also provides information for the following two audiences:

  • Industry stakeholders who may have a professional interest or need to access key documents; and
  • The general public.​

The Government of Alberta IMT Policy Program is a government-wide initiative to provide an easy to use, central information repository for government employees, RFP vendors, contractors, agencies, boards, commissions, federal/provincial/municipal government partners, and the general public. The IMT Policy Program is an opportunity for enterprise-wide cost consolidation, reduced IT complexity, and greater investment protection and skills portability.

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