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Records Retention and Disposition Schedules

A 'schedule' outlines the length of time (retention) and final disposition (archive or destruction) of government records.

Enterprise-wide schedules

These schedules can be used by all Government of Alberta ministries, agencies, boards and commissions, with the following exceptions:

  1. Salvageable Damaged Records: ARMC approval is required before a government organization can use this schedule to destroy records.
  2. Unsalvageable Damaged Records: ARMC approval is required to dispose of unsalvageable records that are not contaminated.

Administrative Records Disposition Authority (ARDA) - 1986/050-A017 (PDF, 815 KB)

  • may be used as a records retention and disposition schedule for common administrative records in Alberta Government ministries and agencies

Backup Systems – 2003/043-A001 (PDF, 50 KB)

  • provides a common approach to backups for all ministries, agencies, boards and commissions of the Government of Alberta
  • provides a legal disposition authority to dispose of the records associated with the backup process, and the content of the backups

Executive Office Records - 2007/020-A002 (PDF, 207 KB)

  • used for records relating to executive actions made in support of legislated mandates and corporate governance

Legal Services – 2017-004 (PDF, 115 KB)

  • used for records relating to Legal Services Division's legal and strategic activities across the Government of Alberta

Action Requests - 1992/129-A001 (PDF, 48 KB)

  • used for responses to action requests received from Ministers' Offices

Ministers' Offices – 2002/041-A001 (PDF, 35 KB)

  • used for ministry and cabinet records that are generated or received by ministers in their capacity as ministers of the crown

Salvageable Damaged Records – 2012/005 (PDF, 49 KB)

  • used for records that have been physically damaged but are either not contaminated or have contamination that can be mitigated (such as mould caused by clean water) and restored to usefulness

Transitory Records – 1995/007-A001 (PDF, 52 KB)

  • used to delegate authority to destroy or delete transitory records to every Government of Alberta employee
  • transitory records containing sensitive or confidential information must be securely destroyed or deleted

Unsalvageable Damaged Records – 2011/002-A001 (PDF, 48 KB)

  • used for records that have been damaged (for example: harmed, contaminated or spoiled) and cannot be reasonably salvaged or restored to usefulness