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​​​​​​​​​​A 'schedule' outlines the length of time (retention) and final disposition (archive or destruction) of government records.

Enterprise-wide schedules

These schedules can be used by all Government of Alberta ministries, agencies, boards and commissions.

Administrative Records Disposition​​​ Authority (ARDA) - 1986/050-A018 (PDF​, 831 KB)

  • ​may be used as a records retention and disposition schedule for common administrative records in Alberta Government ministries and agencies

Backup Systems – 2003/043-A001 (PDF, 50 KB)

  • provides a common approach to backups for all ministries, agencies, boards and commissions of the Government of Alberta
  • provides a legal disposition authority to dispose of the records associated with the backup process, and the content of the backups

Executive Office Records - 2007/020-A002 (PDF, 207 KB)

  • used for records relating to executive actions made in support of legislated mandates and corporate governance

Legal Serv​ices – 2017-004 ​(PDF, 115 KB)

  • used for records relating to Legal Services Division's legal and strategic activities across the Government of Alberta

Fleet Management - 2019/020​ (PDF, 115KB)

  • ​used for managing light-duty vehicle leases and purchases of all departments, provincial agencies and fund administrators

Action Requests - 1992/129-A001​​​ (PDF, 48 KB)

  • used for responses to action requests received from Ministers' Offices

Ministers' Offices – 2002/041-A001 (PDF, 35 KB)

  • used for ministry and cabinet records that are generated or received by ministers in their capacity as ministers of the crown​

Transitory Records – 1995/007-A003​ (PDF, 112 KB)

  • transitory records containing sensitive or confidential information must be securely destroyed or deleted

Damaged Records – 2011/002-A002 (PDF, 48 KB)

  • used for records that have been damaged (for example: harmed, contaminated or spoiled) during a disaster

Wellness, Health and Safety - 2023​/002​ (PDF, 40 KB)​

  • used ​for records relating to employees' vaccinations and exemptions from being vaccinated​