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​​​Program Information

The Information Management and Technology (IMT) Policy Program document provides an overview of the IMT Policy Program, its processes, a brief description of the roles and responsibilities of participants in the IMT Policy Program and the program's services.

Operational Processes

The IMT Policy Program Operational Processes document provides an overview of the IMT policy instruments processes including policy intake and assessment, reviews, and approvals for new and updated IMT policy instruments, and exceptions to IMT policy instruments. GoA staff are welcome to visit the IMT Policy Program internal working site.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities

The IMT Policy Program Roles, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities document ​provides an overview of the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of the participants in the IMT Policy Program. This document includes a description of the IMT Policy Program's;

  • Governance Framework
  • Roles, responsibility, and accountability matrix

IMT Policy ​Assessment Form

The IMT Policy Assessment Form has been created to allow employees to propose a policy instrument idea or opportunity and to standardize the process for policy instrument requests across the divisions of Technology and Innovation.

IMT Policy Style Guide

The IMT Policy Style Guide document is a set of rules for the creation of IMT policy instruments at the Government of Alberta. If a te​mplate is not available, the style guide can be used as a guide to developing a policy document.

IMT Policy Instrument Template

The IMT Policy Instrument template (MS Word) has been created to ensure appropriate information is provided for an IMT Policy Instrument and that all policy instruments are created using a consistent format.

Request an IMT Policy Exception

The Cybersecurity Policy & Standard Exception Process is used to request an exception to an IMT Policy Instrument.