Government of Alberta IMT Policy Instruments

The source for Government of Alberta acts, regulations, record retentions and disposition schedules, policies, directives, circulars, control frameworks, standards, procedures  and guidelines in information management and technology (IMT).

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Acts and Regulations

The legislation of the Province of Alberta


A 'schedule' outlines the length of time (retention) and final disposition (archive or destruction) of government records.


Defines a course of action or a set of principles approved by elected officials within government that directs, guides or influences decision-making and actions.


Directives establish expected behaviors and actions of ministries and employees to support policy approved by elected officials. Directives provide formal instruction that oblige ministries to take or avoid specific actions or provide specific objectives that must be met.


Standards are a set of mandatory operational or technical measures, procedures or practices for government-wide use.

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Are specific steps that instruct how to complete a specific task or accomplish a specific objective.

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Provide information, advice or explanation to assist in implementation of policy or policy instruments.