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  • Technical Standard

  • These are detailed, unique standards that have developed in response to government IMT policies. Technical standards are intended to be replicable, transferable, and adaptable across ministries and other government agencies. Examples of these could include address data standards or specifications for a single identifier for transacting with government electronically.

  • Product Standard

  • An IMT product or specific technology oriented standard that facilitates the task of planning for enhancements and acquisitions within the government's broad information systems environment. As a definitive list of the numerous technologies either employed or under evaluation by Workplace Technology Services, product standards are critical in establishing conformity, interoperability and interchange-ability. Examples of these could include a government-wide standard for document, record management and database, and the list of core products for government workstations.

  • Reference Standard

  • An IMT industry standard (either a national or international formal or de facto standard) that has been adopted for use by the Province of Alberta. A Reference Standard may be adopted either as stand-alone or as a precursor to a customized standard or policy document. Examples could include the 1024 bit RSA standard for public key encryption.

  • Process Standard

  • An established, mandatory business practice that supports IMT projects and existing systems to improve the outcome, diminish risks, and increase reliability. Examples could include business continuity planning processes, threat risk assessment processes, etc.