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How Do I Create a Policy?

You have identified an issue and want to create a new Information Management and Technology (IMT) Policy Instrument to enable business or prevent risk.  The information provided on this page will guide you through the steps of creating a new policy.


Complete the IMT Policy Instruments Assessment form.  The assessment form will ask you several questions to help determine if an IMT Policy Instrument is required for the Government of Alberta (GoA).


After the assessment is completed and the need for the policy has been confirmed you will develop the policy.  The IMT Policy Program will provide you with guidance and oversight on the policy development. 


The policy is reviewed by the appropriate reviewers (SME's, committee, peer groups, etc.) to ensure it represents the interests, requirements and objective of the Government of Alberta as well as individual departments. The completed policy is sent for final approval/ratification


Once the policy is approved/ratified, the IMT Policy Program team will request the web page information for the policy and post the new policy on the IMT Policy Instruments repository.

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