Creation Date:  2013-06-01
Category:  IMT Policy
Effective Date:  2013-06-01
Version:  2.3
Last Reviewed:  2020-02-20
Security Classification:  Public
Scheduled Review Date: 2022-02-20
Status:  Approved


​The directives stated in this document establish the corporate security requirements of Information and Technology (IT) systems, and the organizational roles and responsibilities for information security management in the Government of Alberta (GoA), and its Departments and public agencies (Ministries). These directives are applicable to all IT Systems and Data whether hosted in house or off premise in cloud based services and solutions. The directive statements identify the controls necessary to implement foundational IT security within the Government of Alberta. GoA security standards and other policy instruments provide further information regarding the details surrounding the implementation of these directives. ISMD statements will be supported and elaborated through the use of Standards, Operational procedures, and other Policy Instruments.

Keywords: ismd, information security, CISO