Creation Date:  2005-07-01
Category:  Risk Management
Effective Date:  2005-07-01
Last Reviewed:  2005-07-01
Security Classification:  Public
Scheduled Review Date:  
Status:  Approved


Government employees are provided with access to the Internet and E-mail to meet government business needs such as improving service delivery, increasing operational effectiveness, and minimizing costs. It is important that this access is managed appropriately.  Internet and E-mail users should be aware of the risks associated with the use of Internet and E-mail. Information sent via the Internet may not be secure as messages may be read, redirected, or altered by others while in transit. Files downloaded from the Internet or attached to an E-mail message may contain viruses or other security threats.

This policy outlines the minimum standards for Internet and E-mail usage for authorized Government of Alberta employees, contractors, vendors and agents.

Keywords: Internet and e-mail usage, risks, GoA employees