Creation Date:  2015-12-01
Effective Date:  2016-02-01
Version:  1
Last Reviewed:  2019-06-18
Security Classification:  Public
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Status:  Draft


​The purpose of this guide is to help those involved in the production of publications for the Government of Alberta. As a result of the consistent implementation of the procedures outlined in this guide, it is expected that: Albertans will be able to easily identify publications that are published by the Government of Alberta and be able to contact the appropriate people should they want more information; government publications will be readily available to the public through one central government portal; government departments will manage their publishing activities efficiently and consistently and monitor the effectiveness of their publishing activities regularly; and Albertans can be confident that all publications and other information products released by the Government of Alberta will remain easily accessible to them over time.

Keywords: Open data; open government; open information; publication; guideline