Number:  B000002
Creation Date:  2009-01-26
Category:  IMT Policy
Effective Date:  2009-01-26
Version:  1
Last Reviewed:  2011-03-30
Security Classification:  Protected A
Scheduled Review Date:  
Status:  Approved


This document defines the GoA IMT Policy Framework that guides and directs decision making and influence behaviors for IMT. The Framework outlines the role, authority and accountability to establish Policy for IMT for the Government of Alberta. The GoA IMT Policy Framework captures:

  • The scope of activities directed and controlled by IMT policy instruments;
  • Definition of policy instruments used to direct and control IMT activities;
  • The process for managing policy instruments; and
  • The roles, responsibilities and accountabilities related to government-wide policy activities at the GoA.
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Keywords: IMT Policy, Service Alberta