Number:  A000091
Creation Date:  2019-02-15
Effective Date:  2019-03-26
Last Reviewed:  2021-04-19
Version:  1.1
Scheduled Review Date: 2023-04-19
Security Classification:  Public
Status:  Approved


This standard:

  1. establishes a standardized work process analysis methodology for the GoA.
  2. outlines the required components of work process analysis. 

Work process analysis is a research methodology that analyzes:

  • the context of an organization's business activities (e.g., legislative mandates);
  • what business activities an organization conducts;
  • what records are created by an organization's business activities; and
  • how records created by an organization's business activities relate to the business activities that created them.

Keywords: work process analysis, ISO 26122, records management, information management, government-wide, ISO 15489