Number:  A000091
Creation Date:  2019-02-15
Effective Date:  2019-03-26
Last Reviewed:  2024-01-01
Version:  1.2
Scheduled Review Date: 2025-01-01
Security Classification:  Public
Status:  Approved


​Work process analysis is the required foundation for establishing and maintaining consistent information management and is necessary to determine requirements for records creation, capture and control across all Government of Alberta departments.

Work process analysis is a research methodology that analyzes:

  • the context of an organization's business activities (e.g., legislative mandates);
  • what business activities an organization conducts;
  • what records are created by an organization's business activities; and
  • how records created by an organization's business activities relate to the business activities that created them.​​

Keywords: work process analysis, ISO 26122, records management, information management, government-wide, ISO 15489