Number:  C000065
Creation Date: 
Effective Date:  2013-05-23
Type:  Roles
Last Reviewed:   
Version:  1
Scheduled Review Date:  
Security Classification:  Public
Status:  Approved


​The purpose of this strategy is to outline the desired target state for the Service Request Coordinator (SRC) role across the Government of Alberta, in order to assist client ministries with developing their own SRC framework.
SRCs (Service Request Coordinators), formerly called ITRs (Information Technology Representatives), are the main contact between the GoA Service Desk and their Ministry. They are responsible for coordinating, submitting, and may assist with tracking, and escalating IT Service Requests to the GoA Service Desk on behalf of Government of Alberta employees. A service request involves an install, move, add or change (IMAC) to the IT environment. Examples include creating or deleting network IDs and emails, purchasing and installing software, purchasing and deploying hardware, or providing access to network folders. SRCs act as the GOA Ministry specific authorized approver for such requests. Therefore, any requests received from an SRC are considered approved by the Ministry and will be acted on by the Service Desk and Operational Teams.
The definition of the SRC role and the documentation of all SRC procedures is the responsibility of Service Alberta. However, Service Alberta will work with client Ministries to setup a Cross Government SRC Committee to work together to achieve a standardized SRC process for all of government.

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