Number:  A000089
Creation Date:  2018-10-01
Category:  IMT Security
Effective Date:  2018-12-03
Last Reviewed:  2022-08-26
Version:  1.1
Scheduled Review Date: 2023-04-26
Security Classification:  Public
Status:  Approved


Please note:

This policy instrument is still currently under review. It has been updated to reflect the current organizational structure, correct broken links and other minor updates.

​This standard describes the minimum Audit Log requirements to generate appropriate audit logs, support required audit logging, and log management functions for the Government of Alberta (GoA). This standard applies to all GoA information systems that handle protected information, accept network connections, and make access control decisions.

This Standard supports Information Security Management Directive (ISMD) section 5.24.

An Audit Log is a chronological record of information system activities that is generated by many sources. Sources can include;

  • security software such as antivirus software, firewalls, and intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • operating systems on servers and workstations
  • networking equipment
  • applications

Keywords: Audit Logging, Security