Number:  5267933
Creation Date:  2018-01-08
Category:  IMT Security
Effective Date:  2018-01-08
Last Reviewed:  2023-09-18
Version:  4.1
Scheduled Review Date: 2024-09-01
Security Classification:  Protected A
Status:  Approved

Please note that information classified as Protected (per the Data and Information Security Classification standard) is only accessible to Government of Alberta Employees. External users are therefore not able to download this document. To request access, please contact us:

The Digital User Credentials Standard establishes the Government of Alberta (GoA) password credentials requirements for various account scenarios. Passwords (or pass phrases) are an important aspect of computer security. A user’s credentials are the first line of defense in the protection of user accounts. A poorly chosen password may result in a compromise of GoA network. As such, all GoA employees (including contractors and vendors with access to GoA systems, are responsible for taking the appropriate steps to select and secure their password.​

Keywords: passwords, passphrases, user accounts