Number:  A000016
Creation Date:  2011-06-03
Category:  IMT Security
Effective Date:  2018-12-03
Last Reviewed:  2018-07-12
Version:  7
Scheduled Review Date:  
Security Classification:  Public
Status:  Approved


​This is the standard for secure sanitization (erasure) of electronic media such as magnetic, optical and flash media within the Government of Alberta (GoA).

Information Security Management Directive Section 5.16: Communications and Operations Management requires that media is disposed of securely and in a manner appropriate for the sensitivity of the data contained on the media. This Standard supports Information Security Management Directive Section 5.16.

This standard applies to Protected A and B data. Further requirements for Protected C data would need to be brought out in a Security Threat Risk Assessment.

Please note that information classified as Protected (per the Data and Information Security Classification standard) is only accessible to Government of Alberta Employees. External users are therefore not able to download this document. To request access, please contact us:

Keywords: Clear, Sanitization, Purge, Destroy, Magnetic, Storage, Media, Erasure, Disk, Wipe, Wiping, Disposal, Overwrite, Overwriting, Degauss, Shred, Disintegration