Number:  A000016
Creation Date:  2011-06-03
Category:  IMT Security
Effective Date:  2018-12-03
Last Reviewed:  2022-08-26
Version:  1.1
Scheduled Review Date: 2023-08-31
Security Classification:  Public
Status:  Approved


Please note:

This policy instrument is still currently under review. It has been updated to reflect the current organizational structure, correct broken links and other minor updates.

​​​​This is the standard for secure sanitization (erasure) of electronic media such as magnetic, optical and flash media within the Government of Alberta (GoA).

Information Security Management Directive Section 5.16: Communications and Operations Management requires that media is disposed of securely and in a manner appropriate for the sensitivity of the data contained on the media. This Standard supports Information Security Management Directive Section 5.16.

This standard applies to Protected A and B data. Further requirements for Protected C data would need to be brought out in a Security Threat Risk Assessment.

Keywords: Clear, Sanitization, Purge, Destroy, Magnetic, Storage, Media, Erasure, Disk, Wipe, Wiping, Disposal, Overwrite, Overwriting, Degauss, Shred, Disintegration